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Creating a Table of Contents, or TOC, for a document in Microsoft Word 2011 for Mac is not difficult, but it can be tricky to make it look just like you want it. This lesson takes you through the process of creating a dynamic table of contents that can be easily updated to.

• There's no need to click OK or Reapply once you have chosen or typed Heading 3 - it will be applied automatically to the selected paragraph. • The Heading 3 button will be added to the Quick Styles Gallery automatically so you can use it again later in your document. Our document now looks like this: Now that we have a document that contains content formatted using Word's heading styles, we can create our Table of Contents. To insert a table of contents into your document, follow these steps: • Select the position in the document where you want the table of contents by clicking in the point of the document where the table of contents should be inserted.

Make A Table Of Values For Each Graph

• Choose the References ribbon toolbar as shown here: • Click the Table of Contents button - you'll see a list of pre-formatting Table of Contents styles to choose from: • You can then choose from four Table of Contents options shown. • You can choose either of the built-in Automatic Tables as a starting point - you will be able to customize the formatting of the ToC once you've inserted it. • You can select a table of contents style from (we won't explore this option here). • You can Insert Table of Contents (this lets you customise your table of contents before inserting it.

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How To Make A Table Of Contents

Last updated on September 12th, 2018 In today’s digital age, much of the content you produce in Microsoft Word will be replicated beyond paper. Dissertations and theses are often published online.

Creating A Table Of Contents In Word

Each of the headings from our sample document been used to create the table of contents: • You may notice in the example above that the table of contents has been inserted on the same page as the text used to create it. As a result, the page numbers in the table of contents are all 1, which is the same page that the content is on. • It's likely you will want to put the TOC on a separate page. You can do this by inserting a page break after the table of contents: • Click at the start of at the first heading (this is where the page break will be inserted, and then either press CTRL+Enter on the keyboard, or click the Insert tab on the ribbon toolbar and then click the Page Break button: • Next, you will need to update the table of contents to reflect the new page numbers (our document is now on page 2, not page 1). • Any time you update your document with new headings or content, you should update the table of contents to reflect the changes to the page numbering that have taken place. • There are several ways you can update your table of contents - you can choose your favorite from this list: • If you click inside the table of contents, you will see an option to Update Table. This method is fast, but requires that you find and select your table of contents - this can be time consuming in a large document: • • You can right-click the table and choose Update Field from the context menu that appears.

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