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That’s my way of saying I don’t like deleting email accounts and keep them all. 🙂 My ideal app doesn’t have to be specifically for Chromebooks. But its surprising how there are hardly any web app clients accessible through the browser, that consolidate email accounts to a single platform in a secure and clean UI. The same app being available on Android would be a super bonus. But for now, I’d be happy to use a webapp. Thanks for your prompt response.

Best Email Client for Mac: Airmail 3 'Airmail 3 is a new mail client designed with performance and intuitive interaction in mind optimized for macOS High Sierra!' Chart: Mac email clients Apple Mail 6 Mail 6 sports a small handful of new features, and much of what it does offer owes more to features introduced in Mountain Lion OS X than to anything specific.

Features that help clear our inbox include snoozing or postponing an email to deal with it later, and canned responses to make replying quick and friction-free. Features that help create new emails include templates, Markdown support, and signatures. Other useful features you may value include undo send, send later, read receipts. How does the app assist you to manage your email?

I find that a handy way to keep track of the bills I need to pay. Behind the scenes, Airmail is actually using some custom folders to achieve this, but the interface is much neater than normal folders. Spark has intrigued me for some time now, and having just spent two weeks using it, I like it.

5. Postbox is probably one of the best email clients in the market. And it’s available exclusively for Apple’s products, including Mac. Postbox is a feature-rich email client but you need to pay some dollars to get some features of it. The free version of Postbox only gives you minimum features. With Postbox you can filter your messages to be viewed by sender, subject, date, priority, size and a lot more. Postbox is also integrated with some cloud storage services such Dropbox, Box and One Drive. Some email services that can be accessed using Postbox include iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook 365, Fastmail, Hotmail and a lot more.

MailMate is one of the most expensive email clients we reviewed, and is available for $50 from the (there is a 30-day trial available). At that price, MailMate is definitely not for everyone – in fact, it’s not for most people. The interface is very functional, but also pretty boring. If looks are important to you, you won’t like MailMate. But, if you’re looking for the most powerful and most standards-compliant email client available, you write in Markdown frequently, and the price tag doesn’t scare you away, you might want to check it out. Other Options Spark is a relative new-comer to the market, launching on iOS before coming to the Mac.

Mac is basically has its own default desktop email client app, Mail. But, we are not going to discuss about it. There are tens options of email clients for Mac apart from Mail.

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Best Email Client For Mac

Answers to posts about database corruption are both rare and incomplete. 'Reboot your computer and see if that fixes it'. Not in my case. Solution in my case was to move the data files and folders to a subfolder, reopen EM Client, point it to the folder with the data files and folders, and all of my accounts and email magically appeared in the client. But I figured it out for myself.

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