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If you're a musician performing live with tons of sheet music PDFs on your iPad, this feature will be your perfect companion. To use it, open a PDF file and press the Lock Page button, then use foot pedals or arrow keys to turn pages (iPad only). - iPad's Back to Reading button is now on the iPhone as well. Use this button to instantly go back to the most recent file you've been reading. Support for RAR 5 archives - fixed an issue with connectivity to SMB servers on Mac OS Yosemite computers - fixed an issue with connectivity via auto-configured proxy (PAC files) Earlier news: - new file tab operations: duplicate tab, delete file, rename file - the iCloud functionality is back, the missing iCloud features have been fully restored - Text-to-speech for PDF and TXT files - VoiceOver compatibility Don't forget to update your copy of GoodReaderUSB - our super-convenient USB file transfer utility. The latest version that supports the new GoodReader 4 app can be found here: www.goodreader.com/usb • 4.9.1 Jan 25, 2015.

So, what I'm wondering is if there's any other apps like the three above out there? Note that I'm not asking about note taking apps like Good Notes/Noteshelf/Notes Plus/etc, only apps that are first and foremost document reading apps with annotation features, not note taking apps with document reading features.

Popular Alternatives to GoodReader for Mac. Explore 12 Mac apps like GoodReader, all suggested and ranked by the AlternativeTo user community. Is a free PDF. Apr 19, 2017  GoodReader is a magnificent app, but I'm always searching for a better suited alternative. My biggest issue with Goodreader is highlighting.To switch to a different color while highlighting you either have to change pages, or select the highlighting tool again.

H aulakh Worst experience, wanted to share! It is the worst after the upgrade to goodreader 4. I had to pay for this new version.

Need to check out PDF Expert from the same company to If anyone else has any suggestions, please pass them along PDF Expert could be a bingo. (I forgot I had that also) Undo is found by tapping on the highlight a second time. Its called Clear. You can also attach a note, change its colour from the popup, and copy whatever you highlighted. There is a pen for freehand, when you tap on that you get a second toolbar with many different options for the pen. Still no button for next or previous but you can use a scrollbar to move between pages whilst highlight is active.

• Tick the box This should allow you to toggle the setting. Here's how to find the option for it. • Open up the Word Options ('File' or the orb in top left) • Select the 'Advanced' tab from the left • Look for the 'Use the Insert key to control overtype mode' check box. If pressing the Insert key doesn't work for you, you may need to enable it as the shortcut key. How to prevent word from pushing text forwrd to the next page word for mac 2016. By default the shortcut key is Insert (to the right of backspace'), although I believe the shortcut is disabled by default.

It is an ad hoc or computer-to-computer network, then skip this step • Step 3. Connect your iPhone / iPod touch / iPad to your WiFi network. Start the Settings app on your iPhone / iPod touch / iPad: Go to Wi-Fi section. Turn the Wi-Fi switch on, if it's off. Find your network (to which your computer is connected, or which is hosted by your computer) in the list, select it, and enter the password for this network, if needed. It is very important to ensure that you're entering the password correctly, because sometimes, if the password is incorrect, it may look like you're connected to a network, but no actual file transfer will happen. The checkmark should appear against your network name: Wait for the WiFi antenna logo to appear at the top of the screen.

Hence, is still my favourite file manager and FTP app for iPhone and iPad.

The amazing 4th edition of GoodReader® app is a universal app for all your iOS devices. This version is a further step in development of our original groundbreaking, best-in-class GoodReader app.

Advertisement Did you? We’ve done the research to find the best PDF readers for Windows 10. The alternative PDF readers presented here run the gamut from minimal, lightweight applications built for nothing more than viewing PDFs to more full-featured applications that include annotations and highlighting. Some applications even include features you won’t find in Adobe Acrobat Reader, such as basic PDF-editing tools. Sumatra PDF Highlight:, also available as a portable app.

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