Dictation For Mac Review


Verdict Dragon Dictate 3 for Mac has the potential to transform your productivity levels if you write often, but only if you're willing to invest some time in learning the system and training the software. The learning curve isn't too bad, but you should not expect to be a pro with Dragon on day one. The £129.99 baseline price keeps Dragon Dictate for Mac from being an impulse buy – as it should – but if you've been seeking a product for voice commands and real-time transcription, Dragon is a worthy investment. Also note that if you’re a student, you can pick up a cheaper. If a compelling use case for your work doesn't spring to mind, perhaps Dragon Dictate is not a tool you need.

Dragon Dictate for Mac review. After having some problems with getting the upgrade from Nuance the makers of DragonDictate, this evening I was able to download the 2 GB of DragonDictate application.

Dictation programs, which let you control your computer and type using only your voice, aren't for everyone. But those who use them for productivity, or to write dialogue more naturally, or for accessibility reasons, will likely turn to Nuance Communication's Dragon brand of software, the leader in this category. In sampling speech recognition and voice command software, I've had overwhelmingly positive experiences with Dragon products, and the same can be said for. For Windows impressed me like none other, and scooped our Best Buy award. I've also been extremely pleased with the smartphone apps Dragon Go! For search and other web functions, as well as for transcribing when I am not in the mood to deal with Siri. Having set high expectations for Dragon Dictate for Mac 3, I can't say that it hits quite the same high point as the Windows' version of the product, although it is still very good at what it does and is worthy of a Best Buy accolade.

Customizable Create new voice commands for controlling Mac applications, or set up voice-triggered workflows using AppleScript or Automator. Built for Mac Dragon Dictate for Mac was built to give you the experience you expect from your favorite Macintosh applications — an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that dramatically boosts productivity. What’s more, Dragon Dictate for Mac works with Microsoft Word 2011 and your favorite Apple applications, including Mail, iChat, iCal, TextEdit, Pages, Safari and many more. Exceptional Online Help For those times when you need a little assistance, Dragon Dictate offers complete, searchable online help. It’s always available, convenient to use, and easy to understand so you can get the answers you need without delay Enhanced Hardware and Software Support • Microsoft Word 2011 Support: Dictate 2.5 allows users to seamlessly combine dictation with manual input from the mouse and keyboard. This ability to “mix talking and typing” within Microsoft Word was the most requested product enhancement request.

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Dictation For Mac Review

In Dragon Dictate for Mac, you can manually switch between a few modes, such as 'dictation' and 'command,' the latter being the one you use to operate your computer. For example, you can navigate a web browser without using the mouse and keyboard if you learn the Dragon commands. Similar to the editing controls, command mode comes with its own series of menus that you can display on screen to help you learn what to say. Other visual cues that are front and centre include the microphone going into sleep mode (a picture of stars and a moon) and turning the microphone off (a red circle). In dictating, every utterance appeared before my eyes with only a little lag, and version 3 seems a little more responsive than the previous Dragon for Mac apps. If you pause or slow down between clauses, you might find a more natural rhythm to dictating, and you'll see better results with Dragon, too.

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Mac Dictation Training

One of the drawbacks in prior versions of Dictate was the need for having a microphone nearby. Although Dragon includes the well-designed Plantronics headset, it is not always readily available thus making Dictate not really functional as the built in Mac microphone is not recommended for transcription. To remedy this issue Dragon has released a free iOS app called Dragon Remote Microphone. This app allows the one to use their mobile Apple device as a wireless microphone. It is compatible with both the latest Mac and PC versions of Dragon’s transcription software. The main requirements for using the Dragon Remote Microphone are that both the computer and iOS device be on the same wireless network. Before using this app you’ll need to modify a previous Dragon profile or create a new one.

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