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• Added support for Video-based screen sharing (VbSS) in 1-to-1 calls. (Skype for Business Online only) • Improved performance of starting and updating screen sharing.

Skype for Business for Mac contains many settings that you may configure for increased the performance and usability. This topic details accessing the Skype for Business for Mac options and adjusting the Skype for Business for Mac settings.

The user name field has been moved to the Advanced Options dialog box. Entering a user name is not necessary for most users, but might be required by some organizations. Sign in with client certificate-based authentication Users can now sign into Skype for Business on Mac using client certificate-based authentication when required by their organization. Hide and show meeting content Users can choose to hide or show content that another user is sharing in a meeting.

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Skype for business mac os

Adding a distribution group that has more than 100 contacts will result to 100 contacts only Workaround: To view the full member list of distribution group, use Outlook to expand the group. Search contacts limitation There is a known limitation with Mac search where it will not show federated contacts and Skype consumer contacts; it can only show contacts in the local Active Directory. Desktop viewing in Skype for Business on Windows client While in a peer-to-peer session between a Windows Skype for Business client and a Mac Skype for Business client, and sharing is started by the Mac Skype for Business client, the Windows Skype for Business client will not be able to see the Mac user's desktop. Desktop viewing is currently not supported in this Skype for Business scenario for Windows on-premises users.

Recommend that you reinstall Skype for Business on Mac. Presence not updated if not in Outlook If a user is not logged in to Outlook, presence information in Skype for Business on Mac does not update based on the Outlook calendar. Can't search Skype directory Skype for Business on Mac users can't search the Skype directory, although you've this functionality for your organization. Side-by-side installation Side-by-side installation of Skype for Business and Lync is not supported on Mac. We recommend that you perform a clean uninstall of Lync for Mac 2011 prior to installing Skype for Business. Cannot sign in to Skype for Business Some Lync profiles might be different from Skype for Business on Mac profiles and can cause a discrepancy.

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