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The idea is that there’s a huge intersection with our current customer base.” The new tool is meant to simplify life for salespeople, eliminating the need to constantly switch between email and Salesforce. The Gmail feature has been useful for smaller businesses, and Outlook is probably more common in larger companies. Having products for different company sizes is important, because CRM is the pillar of Salesforce’s business, and enhancements will help protect it against competitors. When someone is reading an incoming email, the new tool provides information from social networks and any records available from the Sales Cloud. The tool can suggest accounts to add information to or register new accounts, with certain fields prepopulated. When someone is replying to a message, the tool suggests contacts to loop in, offers prewritten templates that can be pasted into the body of the email with a click (admins can adjust exact wording), and includes calendar information that makes it easy to select times when users are free. When someone receives a message, the calendar widget will only show the times that are still available, which are updated to reflect any new commitments the sender has confirmed during the time since the message was sent.

Salesforce today announced the availability of SalesforceIQ Inbox for Outlook, an add-in for the Microsoft Outlook web-based email service that integrates with Salesforce’s Sales Cloud customer-relationship management (CRM) software and adds smart features such as automated responses. The introduction of the feature follows Salesforce’s launch of a SalesforceIQ Chrome extension for Gmail. And today’s launch also comes after have been established between Microsoft and Salesforce, even though the two companies compete in the CRM business. “Four hundred million people are on Outlook,” said Adam Evans, a cofounder of RelateIQ (which Salesforce in 2014 and which formed the basis of ), in an interview with VentureBeat this week. “It matters because it’s the most popular email client.


“With many customers using both products, and the companies working well together, it’s really a no-brainer and this is a great way to create value,” he explained. SalesforceIQ was a natural match for Salesforce because it provides a link between CRM, email and the customer’s social data, pulling all of this information together inside the inbox where reps tend to be working anyway. What’s more, it doesn’t force them to switch between programs and manually compile the data or make connections themselves. Photo courtesy of Alan Lepofsky, VP and principal analyst at Constellation Research says SalesforceIQ is part of a new generation of tools using algorithms and machine intelligence to help people discover content relevant to the context they are working in. This type of integration can be tremendously efficient for busy sales people. “When working in email sales reps can now discover everything they need to know about a prospect or customer without leaving their inbox. Even better, their email can begin to make suggestions to them about who to contact, when to schedule meetings, and even how to respond to questions,” Lepofsky explained.

Announced today that its intelligence product now integrates with Microsoft Outlook, which happens to be the most used business email program on the planet with over 400 million users on alone. The product being released today is called Inbox for Outlook. It’s a bit of a mouthful, but the point is that it takes that existing Inbox product and extends it to Outlook. SalesforceIQ is the product that was born as RelateIQ, for $390 million. Can i convert a batch file for mac.

- Create new Salesforce records, including Custom Object records, directly in Outlook. - Add emails and appointments to Salesforce records in one click, even when composing emails. - Quickly craft emails with Salesforce Templates. - Manage Salesforce Tasks right from Outlook. - Sync Contacts and Calendar events by enabling Lightning Sync in addition to the Outlook integration.

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Aug 30, 2017  Salesforce Lightning for Outlook 2016 for MAC - stuck on store when trying to download Hey, salesforce has it's plugin available also for MAC users (for couple of months now). When trying to login to Salesforce Inbox it won't log in, it keeps redirecting to the login screen again. I have Chrome as a default browser but it still opens in IE, don't see why this should be an issue but saw this in a different post.

Why Doesn’t Salesforce for Outlook Work on a Mac? The reason Salesforce for Outlook does not work on a Mac is because the Microsoft Outlook for Mac currently has no ad-on framework built into it. This means that it does not allow the installation of Salesforce for Outlook. So this lack of capability is not due to Salesforce but rather to Microsoft. So far Microsoft has indicated it does not have plans to make an add-on framework available for the Microsoft Outlook for Mac but hopefully the recent will bring Salesforce for Outlook to Mac users. How Mac Users Can Integrate Salesforce for Outlook As of the publication of this blog post a mac user cannot utilize the Salesforce for Outlook capability from Salesforce. But with a third-party app off the Salesforce AppExchanage Mac users would be able to obtain this capability.

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