Preparing A Manuscript For Anonymous Review On Word For Mac


Manuscript preparation guide You’ve been working on your manuscript for a while now. You’re done writing; you’ve made your last edits and put the finishing touches on your work. Now you’re ready to submit your manuscript and finally transfer the work from your desk to ours. This guide will walk you through the manuscript submission process.

Manuscripts is an authoring tool for Mac which supports you from the beginning to the end of writing your project and assists you in the key steps in getting published. Manuscripts provides journal-specific manuscript templates and makes outlining and editing easy. How to submit your manuscript for anonymous peer review. To ensure that article referees or peer reviewers do not know your identity (as author[s] of the manuscript being reviewed), you will need to make sure that you.

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• Save the document. (MACS) MICROSOFT WORD: For the latest version of Word (2015/2016): • Go to the Review tab • Click the Protect Document tool • Click Remove personal information from this file on save For older versions • Go to Preferences • Click on Security • Select “Remove personally identifiable information from the file on save” and “Warn before printing, saving or sending a document that contains tracked changes or comments”. Or • It may work to simply set Word 2008 on the mac to “remove personal information from this file on save” under Preferences in the Word menu, Personal Settings, Security, Privacy options.

How to remove identifying properties from a Microsoft® Word file before submitting it. If your professor is using anonymous grading, you should include only your identification number on your submissions.

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Acknowledgements: Many authors include acknowledgements or thanks to those who helped them in their papers, perhaps as a first or last footnote. These should be entirely deleted, and replaced with something that indicates they were removed, like “Acknowledgments removed”. But in my view this should also include any time an individual is recognized as contributing to the paper throughout. You might want to thank a person at a particular point in the paper, rather than general acknowledgements. Those should be edited as well. Even such remarks as “Jane Smith pointed out to me in conversation..” should be edited, in my view, since such remarks may inadvertently cause the reader to discover your identity. (Some sub-disciplines are small, and now the referee knows that the author is not Jane Smith, for example.) Something as simple as “[Name removed] pointed out to me in conversation..” works well.

If you’re editing a document while someone else is also making changes, you don’t see their changes until both they and you save the document. Onenote for mac picture wrap text. (Compare this with Pages, which updates changes almost as soon as they’re made, no matter who is editing the document.) Finally, Word doesn’t support Yosemite’s option to rename and/or move a document using the menu in the document’s title bar. Word 2016 doesn’t support Yosemite’s Autosave features, so you can forget about the power going out and your unsaved changes still being in your document. Bottom line Microsoft Word 2016 is an excellent update to what is, for most users, an important business tool. Changes to the program’s user interface make it easy for anyone to bounce from Word on a Mac to Word on any other platform with a minimal transitional curve.

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