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Constant prompts for credentials from one Mac Outlook 2011 client. When the user is prompted for a password in Outlook 2011, it means the password field in Preferences -> accounts is blank. One may also fix this problem by ensuring the password is there in the password field. Removing stored passwords from Apple Mac computers: Whenever you change your expired passwords on the password Manager, you also have to update passwords on your local desktops. Is adobe flash player safe to download. When you are using Outlook or Mac mail client software on an Apple Macs, your passwords are stored in your local Mac keychain under Applications folder. But unfortunately it wont recognise the username and password when creating the account in Outlook 2011 to connect to the exchange 2007 which runs off our SBS. The Mac can view files off the server so it's defiantly not a connection issue. Outlook for Mac keeps asking for the password Sometimes a minor gap in quality control, such as the lack of proper upgrade testing can have annoying consequences. Music home studio maker for mac. The problem “Microsoft Outlook 2016 for Mac keeps asking for password” has been around for since March of 2016.


Enter the Incoming server, which is pop3.live.com. Click the box that says User SSL to connect (recommended). Check the number box just to the right of the Incoming server name. The number should be 995. If that number is anything other than 995, click the box that says Override default port, then type 995 in that box. Enter the Outgoing server, which is smtp.live.com.

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Outlook 2011 stores the passwords you enter in the OS X Keychain, which is actually part of OS X itself, not part of Outlook. In the box that appears asking to you enter your password, there should be a small clickable box that says Remember this password in my keychain. After entering your password, and before clicking the OK button, click that box. Outlook may ask you to do this separately for both your coming and outgoing mail servers, so don’t be surprised if it happens again after the first time you click that box. How to paste on excel for more than one cells on mac.

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