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It is user who decides the XLS address book that they want to export. • Avoid duplication of data!

Open Excel for Mac, and select 'File,' then 'Import' to open the Import dialog box. 3 Select 'All Files' from the Enable drop-down list, and browse to the location of the saved vCard. The vCard file format is typically used to transfer business card data between computers. Although the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet program for Mac does not directly export to vCard files, you can. RecoveryTools for MS Excel to vCard Converter tool to export Excel contacts (XLS, XLSX, CSV) into VCF format. Convert contacts from excel to VCF and import vCard into Gmail, Mac, Android, Outlook, iOS etc. Run Excel to vCard conversion tool on Excel 2013, 2010, 2007 & 2003.

Also, the VCF file format is very popular among the email clients and this enables the user to import and transfer/export contacts to the email clients address book. The vCard file format is one of the most popular file formats that is used in order to save/store contact files and it is widely used by organization worldwide.

• Make export from Excel to vCard easy by performing automatic migration • Provide export of unlimited number of Excel files to vCard • Capable to share you the data that you actually like to convert • Capable to scan any accessible Excel file for migration • A user friendly utility, needs no deep technical assistance to run and install the app • Enable you exporting entire selected data and retain quality • A Windows based app that runs swiftly on Windows 8/10/XP/Vista/ other latest versions of the OS • A freeware app, needs no installation charge • Ideal for personal and business purposes. A free utility to install to your Windows based system. Allow swift migration of all the Excel data to vCard. The tool lets you share entire mails, contact details, phone number and address of Excel to vCard.

Apart from all this, the vCard file is highly compatible with various devices such as online & offline email applications and all other popular platforms. It is one of the major reason that replaced Excel from contacts. Manual Trick to Convert Excel to vCard If you are searching for a solution to export Excel contacts to vCard, then here is a manual method to do the same. However, the manual conversion is a break in three different parts: • Excel to CSV Migration • Import Contacts from CSV • Export Contacts to VCF File Steps to Export Excel to CSV In order to perform Excel to vCard conversion manually, the first step is export Excel contacts to CSV format. Now, to do the same, follow the steps mentioned below: 1.

Watch the online video tutorial below.

• The exporter works smoothly. It causes no interruption in data migration. It exports entire addresses of an Excel file to VCF. • Assurance of safe data migration is supported by the app. It allows you to transfer all the stored email address, phone number and other address details with 0% error. • Control in migration is provided by migrating user’s directed XLS files.

After selecting the location, click OK button 4. Wait for few seconds, all contacts are exported to VCF file format and click on OK to end the process.

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Execute Excel to vCard conversion procedure in few simple steps. This converter tool is specifically meant for those users who are finding for solution to access contacts from their Excel sheet into other platforms.

Conclusion: I have already implemented both methods to convert Excel contacts to vCard. According to my own experience, it is better to use, a one click solution like; SysTools Excel to vCard converter tool. Because it offers a simpler processing so everyone can operate it since the other method is complicated as it is scripting based. Technical skills are required to work with VB scripts thus, everyone cannot utilize it. Moreover, VB script creates a single.vcf file for all contacts that is not compatible with all devices.

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The reason is pretty simple and clear, i.e. The contacts are in readable format and users can modify them with ease. Sometimes you need to import your contacts from the Excel file or export the contacts to an Excel file. Both the tasks are just next to impossible. You can’t import the contacts from your Excel file to any other program or device as this format is not widely accepted by other programs or distinct devices.

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