How Do You Extract Music To A Windows Pc From An Ipod Formatted For Mac Os


Can i make a copy for mac 2015 with desctop accountant 2015. 4) Connect the iPod to the Mac and drag across your music/playlists from the Mac to the iPod. 5) Connect the iPod to the Windows computer and use iRip to then import your music into the iTunes library on that computer (your iPod will be formatted for PC, but after the import you can reformat for Mac, if you prefer). IPods are being formatted by the machine they are being synced with. An iPod that is linked to an iTunes library on a PC Windows will be Windows-formatted, likewise if the library is on a Mac the iPod will be Mac-formatted.

In the end, about 30 to 40 minutes of work, with an hour or so waiting for files to get copied back & forth. Thanks much for the Macdrive tip - that opened the door.


Click “Restore” and it’s quite likely that you’ll find out that the iPod itself has an upgrade pending too: Choose “Next” and it’ll download the iPod Nano firmware update Once it downloads, it’ll apply the update automatically as part of the restore process: After a few minutes it’s done and you just have to wait for the system to boot the iPod and reconnect: You can click “OK” or you can just be patient and let it work by itself. Eventually the iPod restarts and reattaches to your Win7 system, and now iTunes recognizes it as a brand new device, ready to be named and setup to your preferences: At this point you’re ready to copy music, videos, photos, and anything else you’d like to have on what has become your brand-new, empty iPod Nano. My dad gave me a ipod nano 7th generation, the I connect it to my computer to sync music already had in itunes, he left a warning that itunes detected a formatting macintosh to ipod and that this needs to be restored to use with windows. When I give the accept button I get a new window that says iTunes could not contact the server ipod software updates that is not connected to the internet where they send me to make sure you have a good internet connection. I do not understand is that the computer have the perfect internet and the ipod nano 7th generation does not suit you the option to connect to the internet.

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